My photo inspiration for 2016

Why not take some time to think about photo inspiration for 2016!

I've got a few of ideas for you....

Project 365 / Project 52
First of all, why not have a go at Project 365 (one photo every day) or Project 52 (one photo each week)  Its a good way of experiementing with different ideas, and learning a lot more about your camera at the same time... (I'll write more about this very soon)

A book of me
This year I'm going to document the woman behind the!!   I've decided I'm going to make an album about me....  Yes, probably a little self indulgent, but it will be fun for my family to see and to look back on in future years.  I'll give you some pointers and ideas as I go along - why not do it with me?

Family album
If you don't fancy a book about yourself, why not do a family album with a difference?  Rather than photograph family events, capture people that are in your life and write about them.  Delve into their likes and dislikes, their job, their hobbies.... What a great way to tell future generations about your family traditions and lifestyle!

The news as you see it....
You could combine any of these photo projects with a spot of photo journalism.... take photos of events in your local area, in the UK; or indeed accross the world, interperse them in your family albums as a way of adding context to your family memories. (More on this in my blog soon too...)

Food for thought everyone?  Why not share what you're planning for 2016, I'd love to know!!