June Photo Inspiration

  • Dad
  • Animals
  • Picnic
  • Tradition
  • Sun
  • Six
  • Summer
  • History
  • Light and dark
  • My place
  • Famous
  • Say cheese
  • Black
  • Twilight
  • Level
  • Grounded
  • Made by me
  • Cooking
  • Inside
  • Tiny
  • Upwards

Get clicking....!

Heres some ideas to give you some mojo for your photos!!
  • Print off my monthly photo inspiration list (from this blog), if you are short of an idea of what to photograph you can pick a subject from there.
  • You don't have to use your 'main' camera all the time, your phone camera is still a camera!
  • Take pictures of you or your family's day to day life - people normally only capture happy or exceptional circumstances and miss the everyday.
  • Pick a theme for the year and take a photo today to get your started.   (the theme doesn't have to be an daily thing, just something you return to every so often)
  • Take a photo of a view you love, and then return once a month to document the changing seasons.
Have fun, lets catch up soon!

Family Secrets

I have a beautiful Victorian photo album, passed on from my grandparents.  Its leather bound, a weighty volume with a rusty metal clasp, and when I open the pages I smell that musty, stale aroma that often accompanies old books.  I often retrieve it from the shelf, settle down on my sofa with a cuppa, and slowly turn the pages, looking at the faces of my distant family peering back at me from the sepia coloured images.  

I muse over their lives, what the occasion of the photograph was….  Was it a once in a lifetime chance to visit a photographer, resplendent in their Sunday best?  What was the event?.... a wedding, birthday, completion of a family, or was it marking someone going away to work or to war?

If I had a time machine, I would travel back and meet them, ask them all those questions I would love to know that make them human….  I wonder what they did in their spare time? Was their favourite colour blue or green?  What food did they like to eat?  Even sometimes what their names are? What job did they do, and how much did they enjoy it (or not).  Did they travel anywhere, where did they go?  How did they meet their spouse?  Why was there a pig on their back yard?

So many family secrets I would love to know…. Just mundane, day to day facts that would bring them closer to me; let me know them a little better; find out just how alike or different our lives were…. If only they had written down those insignificant little notes, how precious would that be for me and my family?

I am so lucky that I have the time and the opportunity to do that for my descendants.  Through my album making, I can record my family and friends, all those little foibles that make the people in my life who they are.  I can pass our stories, favourite things, family recipes, down through the generations, so that my 4 x great grandchildren can look at our images, and know that they are not alone in their love of crisps dipped in chocolate spread…….hmmmm

Seven Tips for Organising your Digital Images

You’ve probably got quite a lot of digital images by now, from your camera, tablet and phone, and adding more by the day, so here’s some tips to help you get organised.

1.  Set your camera date and time
Do this and you will ensure each image you take is marked invisibly with the date and time (and probably location too).  This will allow you to search and sort chronologically on your computer.

2.  One Photo folder
Put all your pictures in the same folder, I recommend your Pc’s ‘Pictures’ folder.
A single place for storage means that photos will be easy to back up and move to a new PC.

3.  Use sub-folders
Within your Pictures folder, organize your photos into sub-folders for instance by year.  Under those make sub-folders such as month, topic, or event.

4.  Backup!
Store your photos are stored in at least two different places.  For instance your PC and an external drive. You could also safe them to an online photo printing company or cloud storage.

5.  Delete as you go
Don’t be afraid to delete the blurry shots, the bad ones or duplicates. You really don’t need 20 shots of one subject!.  Pick out the best versions to keep and delete the rest.

6.  Use star-ratings
Each time you import photos from your camera, give star ratings to the best photos, then you can quickly find your best photos.

7.  Use image management software to tag and find photos
Using Picasa or Windows Live gallery you can refine your searching with tags keywords you apply in the software. Most tags will stay with the image and remain searchable, regardless of which brand of software you're using.

My photo inspiration for 2016

Why not take some time to think about photo inspiration for 2016!

I've got a few of ideas for you....

Project 365 / Project 52
First of all, why not have a go at Project 365 (one photo every day) or Project 52 (one photo each week)  Its a good way of experiementing with different ideas, and learning a lot more about your camera at the same time... (I'll write more about this very soon)

A book of me
This year I'm going to document the woman behind the camera.....me!!   I've decided I'm going to make an album about me....  Yes, probably a little self indulgent, but it will be fun for my family to see and to look back on in future years.  I'll give you some pointers and ideas as I go along - why not do it with me?

Family album
If you don't fancy a book about yourself, why not do a family album with a difference?  Rather than photograph family events, capture people that are in your life and write about them.  Delve into their likes and dislikes, their job, their hobbies.... What a great way to tell future generations about your family traditions and lifestyle!

The news as you see it....
You could combine any of these photo projects with a spot of photo journalism.... take photos of events in your local area, in the UK; or indeed accross the world, interperse them in your family albums as a way of adding context to your family memories. (More on this in my blog soon too...)

Food for thought everyone?  Why not share what you're planning for 2016, I'd love to know!!

December Photo Inspiration

I'm trying to capture more than just the festive season this month.   Hmm - what can I photograph?

  • My favourite read
  • Weekend activities
  • Jack Frost
  • Children's Nativity
  • Night time
  • Blue
  • My Christmas traditions
  • Christmas recipes
  • Christmas eve
  • Christmas day (obviously!)
  • Aftermarth
  • The last leg

Welcome to BBC Three Counties Radio listeners!

I'm so pleased you decided to pop over here to find out more about making an album with your photos.

Hopefully I've inspired you to think about getting some of those memories and photos out of your camera or phone and into a scrapbook for your family and friends to enjoy.

I currently have Scrapbooking workshops and Digital camera workshops scheduled in Leighton Buzzard, but I have more planned in other areas.

To find about about beginners workshops near you, click on the link below and fill in the form.  I'll get back to you very soon with more information.